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Sun is Shining - Axwell Ingrosso

I chose this song because even though the sun is most certainly not shining today - it's gray, overcast and a bit meh with on and off rain - every now and again a little ray of sunshine pops through and transforms the day just a little bit.

The song's message is a positive (and super catchy) one - no matter how cold or gloomy the day may be, the sun will come out eventually bringing hope and good things when you least expect it. We all have our sad and gloomy moments but there is always that something that can bring us that ray of hope and and new beginnings.

It reminded me of a memory I have of this song - a few years ago, Cape Town had been experiencing one of the worst droughts ever, people were panicking, water was being stockpiled, heavy restrictions were being put in place and there was even a countdown to D Day, the day we would have to start queuing for water. It was a really scary time. Thankfully though, rain started to come and along with the measures in place, little by little D Day got pushed further away, eventually being avoided altogether. I'd gone to a festival with some friends and this song came on as the night started to end along with some light rain. I will never forget how everyone cheered as the song started and danced in the rain together (Some may even have whipped out their shampoo to celebrate). It was the perfect song for how everyone was feeling - it finally seemed there was light at the end of a very dry tunnel.

Then you came my way on a winter's day
Shouted loudly come out and play
Can't you tell I got news for you
Sun is shining and so are you

The song was released in 2015 and spent four weeks at the top of the Swedish charts. The music video is beautiful - the lyrics are written on notes that are spread across the city and fall into people's hands, lunch, windscreens and even get shared between strangers showing that everyone is in it together. Eventually the whole city is covered in these words and you see Axwell and Ingrosso busy writing out the notes and throwing them off the roof so they can be spread around.

Rewatching the video years later, in the midst of a whole different crisis, I can't help but reflect back - things were gloomy and scary back then, but we got through it. So any good news, happy moments and bits of hope that come along during this rough time - hold tight onto that bit of sunshine :)

And we're gonna be alright
Dry your tears and hold tight
Can't you tell I got news for you
Sun is shining and so are you

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Frank Maloney
May 29, 2021

What an inspirational song and an inspirational post. Let’s hope that this applies to the pandemic as well as the weather.

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