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Easy (Like Sunday morning) - Lionel Richie

Is there anything better than a Sunday morning? Stretching out luxuriously with a cup of tea, a good book and a day full of possibility ahead.

Those first hours of Sunday morning are almost magical in that for a few hours there is that peace and tranquillity that no one can touch. It's yours. It could be after a long week, a full-on Netflix and Chill day or even just that time before you have to officially get up for the day and the Sunday blues kick in. For that moment in time, everything is relaxed and calm and

In the song, which was released in 1977, Lionel sings about a relationship that he is about to be free of - he loved her but she tried to turn him into someone he wasn't and he felt chained down. He knows that he has does everything he could to save the relationship, including faking his emotions to keep her happy so instead of being depressed about ending things, he is relieved and for him, the feeling is like that a Sunday morning- relaxed, carefree and easy. No more drama from that mama thank you very much (drama, you can just sashaaaaay away now)

The feeling that the song describes is relatable and one that I am sure we have all experienced at some point or the other. Sometimes summoning the courage to walk away from something you have put your heart and soul into is one of the most difficult things ever, even though it is destroying you. Whether it is having finally gotten away from a bad relationship, job, a stressful time or situation that was causing you to not feel like yourself or even just getting through something challenging and then having that moment of relief and clarity afterwards - the world is right again and everything feels easy.

Ooh that's why I'm easy

I'm easy like Sunday morning

That's why I'm easy

I'm easy like Sunday morning!



No llama drama!!!

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