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It's my blog and I'll  write if I want to.. 

.. I'm going to try to anyway :)​


Welcome to my personal blog.

I really enjoy sharing thoughts and ideas and for as long as I can remember, I've been scribbling down stories and random thoughts but have never been brave enough to put them out there in the world *major stage fright*

I am currently completing a Freelance Magazine Journalism course which I am absolutely loving.

To give myself a challenge, (and also because I love music and the meanings behind songs) - have decided to assign a different song to each day and just go with whatever thoughts come to mind. It might be travel related, memories, random thoughts or just something I've learnt for the day. 

I'm hoping that by the end of the year, will have gained more confidence, ideas and also to be able to look back and see improvement.

Would love feedback, song suggestions and comments so please feel free to join me on this lil journey of mine in 2021 :)

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Travel Polaroids
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A little bit about me:

I love to write and learn new things. Travel is one of my greatest passions and the bucket list keeps on growing. 


I have been fortunate in having had the opportunity to travel which I turned into a bit of a work experience for a few years  - working as a barmaid in the UK, as a special needs theatre arts program counsellor in Chicago, AU Pairing in Connecticut, Attractions person (no idea what my actual title was, just that I got to be really loud over a microphone) at Six Flags Great America, working in a game reserve in the North West of South Africa  - where we would often hear lions and see elephants coming up for a drink in the pool - and finally working at a hotel in South Dakota before coming back home to South Africa. Each of these experiences were incredible and taught me so much. 


Growing up, we would always have all genres of music playing in the house and my parents would tell my sister and I the stories behind different songs, so definitely where my love of music came from.

I am a keen (unless its early in the morning) runner and enjoy doing half marathons and in the past few years have completed 3 full distance ones as well. I'm very much a back of the pack kind of girl and am very slow but that's where all the fun is :)

I love adventure of any kind, good humour and family and friends are very important to me. 

I am obsessed with chocolate, sunflowers, reading, my cat and have never met a glass of wine I haven't liked.  

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Claire Maloney

Freelance Writer 

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